Permacultura Cantabria is a NGO

Permacultura Cantabria is a NGO, whose aim is to offer new alternatives to improve society, recover values and the benchmarks of a naturally balanced life.
Their main goal is to continually investigate different alternatives to achieve a sustainable culture and take care of people.
The two main lines of work they follow are related to sustainability (Permaculture, bio-construction, organic agriculture, sustainable use of natural resources…) and to human development (personal growth, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, inclusion, etc…).
They organise seminars, workshops, conferences, courses, meetings, etc. concerning these issues.
Their intention is to create an international reference platform, based on ecological, inclusive and healthy systems, which could help generate enthusiasm and enrich society.
The entity is recognized as an NGO of public interest; has the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 , ISO 45001:2018; and regularly collaborates with local institutions and educational centers.
VISION: They want a sustainable and inclusive world, formed by cheerful, conscious and empowered people.
MISSION: To provide tools and opportunities for the population (children, youth, adults and multiplier agents), which improve their education, welfare and participation, in society.
VALUES (inspired by Permaculture Ethics):
• Environmental sustainability (Earth Care)
• Emotional management (People Care)
• Social inclusion (Fair Share)